The Eruv of Memphis

Memphis has an eruv maintained by the Jewish Community, under the auspices of Rabbi Nathan Greenblatt and checked by a small team led by Rabbi Yonatan Gersten (menahel of the Yeshiva High School). You can check its status 30 minutes before Shabbos or holidays by calling the Eruv Hotline at (901) 761-ERUV (761-3788). The eruv encompasses a large area and includes all the Orthodox synagogues (Anshei Sphard, Young Israel, and Baron Hirsch), as well as the East Memphis Hilton, the school, the Poplar East Apartments on June Road, and practically all of the Orthodox community.  (ASBEE is located towards the top right-hand corner of the map and is marked with a blue star.)

To caution you, in some places, the eruv gets tricky. Some sides of the street are safe, while the other side might not be included in the eruv. In a couple of places it's possible that while the eruv runs along the street, BOTH sides of the street were left out of the eruv by the local Vaad. Below is a detailed map of the Memphis Jewish Community's eruv. The side that is marked in red is the side that you shouldn't walk on. For streets that are marked red, neither side is in the eruv, and you shouldn't carry when you walk on those streets on Shabbat or holidays. Dotted lines mark where the eruv runs along power lines. Anywhere past the red lines is not in the eruv. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call any of the local Orthodox synagogues. (Our thanks to Young Israel for letting us use this map!)